Motivational data tracking & coaching app

User-friendly data, monitoring, coaching and self-help for sleep apnoea patients. myAir helps patients to stay engaged with therapy by enabling them to track nightly sleep data, access interactive coaching and educational resources, and celebrate compliance successes.

What’s included in myAir?


Therapy at a glance

The myAir dashboard shows your patients their sleep data from the previous 30 days. Intuitive icons and charts make sleep therapy tracking simple and fun. Patients also receive a myAir score each night based on a combination of four sleep factors: usage hours, mask seal, events per/hour and mask on/off events.


Coaching & reinforcement

Delivered via email or text message, myAir will send three different types of messages to patients: educational messages designed to make therapy more comfortable and to build confidence, congratulatory messages to reinforce positive behaviour, and encouragement messages to help motivate patients.


Educational & self-help tools

myAir’s sleep library is a tailored collection of how-to instructions, videos and other support materials to help your patients on their sleep apnoea therapy journey. It also includes personalised information based on their device model and mask type.

Full-time support

With myAir, therapy data is automatically synced to a secure cloud shortly after patients wake up. You can access this data through AirView, ResMed’s patient management and monitoring tool.

Using AirView to telemonitor your patients brings significant results in and of itself. But patients who self-monitor with myAir in addition to AirView telemonitoring increase their compliance even more.1

Real people, real myAir stories

What’s it like to use myAir in real life? Watch these videos to learn how Rose, Andy and Anthony discovered they had sleep apnoea – and why they love using myAir to manage their PAP sleep therapy and stay compliant.


“myAir tells me what I need to know about my therapy” – myAir keeps Rose up to date and on track with her sleep therapy.


“myAir brought me back to life and us back together” – Simple to use and good results: Andy tells his myAir story.


“myAir has changed my life for the better” – Exhausted to energised: Paul’s life-changing experience with ASV therapy.

Empower your patients with myAir

You’ll be supporting their efforts to achieve long-term compliance and benefit from better health.


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  1. Crocker M et al. CHEST. 2016